our story

Ayni is a word used by Peruvians in the Andes meaning “today for you, tomorrow for me”. To us, Ayni means reciprocity, giving and receiving in our community.

Ayni isn’t just a skate shop. Of course we sell everything skateboarders need, but we also sell retail items made by local artisans with a focus on creativity and giving back.

The owners of Ayni, Josh and Sarah Hurley, are deeply rooted in serving the local area through their nonprofit foundation, SwitchLife, which provides free skateboarding lessons and character development for at risk youth in the area.

They also own Now Skateboards, a local board brand promoting Texas skateboarding and featuring the work of local artists.

Josh got his first board at age 11, and has been hooked since then. Ninja bearings turned him pro in 2008. Josh is a recovered alcoholic and active in Skate Straight, a program promoting sober living through skateboarding.

Sarah is a former foster mom and her work with foster youth led her to a career in energy medicine and training under Peruvian shamans as an energy healer and intuitive. Shared love of their wildly different passions led to the creation of Ayni, a high vibe skate shop.